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We are headquartered in the United States – in a city that has become a major hub for technology and academia.  Just a stone’s throw away from six different major universities, we are able to attract the best talent of any academic agency in the country.  More importantly, we require all of our writers to work in a central office so you will never have problems with missing writers, late deadlines, or difficulty getting in touch with a real person.

We are proud to hire American writers, and we never outsource our work to foreign contractors.  Nothing against the hard-working people of Asia, but academic writing takes a firm grasp of the English language and a strong command of the subject material, and companies that sub-contract your essays to the lowest bidder are just wasting your time and money.

Our Average Grades

We don’t usually guarantee certain grades, but we don’t have to.  Our writers are experts in their fields, and they put a ton of effort into each paper.  Look at some of our latest sample papers and check out this running total of our average grades in our most popular subjects.

Criminal Justice
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The core of Academic Secrets is its academic ghostwriting business.  We make things VERY simple for students.  Just give us your topic, ideally in the form of a rubric or assignment guidelines, and we will produce a high quality academic paper for you within a matter of hours.  All of our assignments are custom created for each student, and we meticulously check the facts and the citations in every custom research paper.  Whatever your need, we have an academic expert to fill it.

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They say “students who fail history are doomed to repeat it”

Academic Secrets can help make sure that you aren’t one of the unlucky students caught repeating their history, political science, sociology, or other social science classes, with our custom paper writing.  Just give us a topic, or the prompt from your professor, and we will create a totally unique history paper using a mixture of primary and secondary sources.  The majority of our research material from history papers comes from JSTOR and from various academic databases, and we have three writers on staff with tons of experience writing for history classes.

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Literature, Art History, and even Drama – all require an enormous amount of reading and writing, yet very few students will every actually pursue a career in the humanities.  If you are trying to get your core requirements done, or you finally ran up against a humanities class that has you stumped, Academic Secrets can help you with your papers.  We have done everything from literature analysis to screenplay writing, and our talented writers can work with you to do anything you can dream up.

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Spelling Game says Help Me

Book reports are the most time consuming project that students commonly have to do, and they are required in virtually every subject.

Our writers actually READ the books that you have to do your reports on, giving them the in-depth knowledge that they need to write the papers.  We don’t charge extra for research, so choosing Academic Secrets is the best possible value in custom book report writing.  Seriously, some other essay services just write their papers based on Wikipedia and Spark Notes… how is that supposed to work?!

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The biggest difference between college and high school is the number (and difficulty) of research papers.  Research papers require hours of work, days of preparation, and a meticulous eye for detail.  IF you don’t have time to do your own research papers, you can feel confident putting them in the hands of our academic professionals.

Even if you are crunched by your deadline, our writers can help.  Working as a team, we’ve been able to get 10-20 page papers done in as little as five hours, so there is no need for you to miss your deadline.

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Oh yes, Academic Secrets can even do lab reports.  We have a couple writers on staff that are VERY good at the natural sciences, and they are comfortable with original research, survey analysis, and synthesizing studies to create incredible lab reports that satisfy all of your requirements.  Lab reports are typically longer-term projects, but we can also do quick lab reports for urgent assignments as long as you are willing to provide the data or accept “constructed” data that we can make up on the spot.

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After getting done with class for the day, sometimes you want nothing else more than a moment of relaxation.  Don’t let homework ruin your social life or your career, let Academic Secrets help with your workload.  Academic Secrets can handle virtually any homework assignment, in any subject, so you can do the things that are actually important to you.

When you submit a homework assignment to Academic Secrets, you can rest assured that it will be done (correctly) and waiting for you in the morning.

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Online classes don’t have the type of face to face interaction between the professor and the students that traditional classes do, so most colleges make up for this with message board postings.  Online classes might require up to five of these postings per week, making them a huge drain on your time.

When you contract out a class to Academic Secrets, we assign an academic expert to help with your class, following along with the lectures and participating in the class as if he/she was a real student.  Your Academic Secrets representative will assist you with engaging and insightful forum postings that you can be proud of.

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The most important part of your college or graduate school application is your personal statement, especially if you have some academic “bloopers” that you need to explain.  Academic Secrets writes hundreds of personal statements each year, and we have a good grasp of what it takes to get someone into the college of their choice.  After a brief consultation with you, we will write a personal statement that highlights your strengths while mitigating your weaknesses.

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Starting this year, Academic Secrets now offers complete college application packages, with guaranteed admissions.  We guarantee that we can get ANY student into a college, and we will be honest with you about your chances at a wide variety of schools.  We have a large list of online colleges and state schools that represent a good value for their programs, and we can help with everything from your application to the actual courses once you are admitted.

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Exams can be tough – but you have a friend in Academic Secrets.  Think of us as the nerdy guy that sits in front of you during class and doesn’t cover up his answers very well.  Whether you need a study sheet to prep you for the exam, or you want a writer to coach you through each question, we can help you ace an exam and succeed in your class.

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We love return business!  We like return business so much that we are willing to offer a 100% guarantee that none of our essays will contain any plagiarized material.  We understand that the modern academic environment has no tolerance for plagiarism, and we want to provide you with the highest quality essay possible.  Our essays are properly cited, and they contain no material that has been copied from any published (or unpublished) source.

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We also guarantee that we never re-use papers.  Our papers are written just for our individual clients, and then they are put on a shelf for a year before being used as sample papers on our site. This ensures that our clients have finished the classes that they used the papers for, and it ensures that the papers can never be used for another student.  We are always looking out for the best interest of our clients, and your safety is our #1 concern.

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