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Are your custom papers original?  Are they plagiarized?

Yes! Your paper is completely original.  We get this question quite a lot, so we try to be as transparent and clear as possible about our paper writing process.  We receive specific instruction from you on how your paper should be formatted and written, and we follow your guidance to complete a paper that has never before been published and contain absolutely zero plagiarized material.  At no point do we ever re-use papers, and we never copy off internet or printed sources.  In fact, we are so confident in our writers that we offer a 150% refund if you provide evidence that your paper was plagiarized.

I would never turn in a paper for my own classes that had been copied from another source, and I operate this business as if every paper was for my own academic use.  I understand your concern, plagiarism is a very serious issue in most colleges, but I ensure that our service is both ethical and professional.

Additionally, I am offering Copy-Scape reports FREE on all papers that are ordered through this website.  CopyScape is a professional plagiarism detection tool that shows if papers have been copied from other sources.  This is a service that most providers of academic papers are too afraid to offer.

Is this a scam?

Another good question.  In recent years, the essay writing business has become flooded with cheap paper writing services that produce sub-standard papers, often written by authors who are not even fluent in the English language.  Many of these writers take steps to take the hard earned money from their clients without providing the services that they promise.  We have a number of tools that we use to help our buyers:

We bill our papers as products rather than services.  PayPal will not allow buyers to file disputes against service providers, meaning that shady writers like to bill their papers as services.  Not only do we use a verified PayPal account, but we take steps to ensure that our buyers are protected by PayPal’s buyer guarantee process.

We post sample papers!  As you can see from our website, we are very proud of our writers, and we like to post samples of their writing so our buyers can get an idea of the products that we offer.  Every time we hire a new writer we require they write 3 samples for us, and we post those samples on this website so all our customers know that our writers are highly skilled and well educated.

Contact information! We have a phone number that we constantly answer and a physical address where we can be found.  Try to find another service provider that will give you either of those.

Can I turn this paper in for credit?

The answer to this question is complicated.  We are granting you a limited license to use the paper that we have written for nearly any purposes that you would like.  We do not allow the resale of our papers, but other than that your use of the paper is dictated only by your state’s laws and your own sense of ethics.  We don’t think that you should turn our papers in for credit, after all, it’s far more fun to learn the material, but at the end of the day the choice is yours.  We do, however, require that you release us for any liability for anything that may happen as a result of your use of our papers.  We cannot possibly memorize the honor code of every institution, nor the laws of every state,  and by ordering a paper from us you agree to our terms of service which release us from legal liability.  While our papers are guaranteed to pass online plagiarism detection checks, there are many other ways that professors can determine if students are turning in purchased material, and there can be very real consequences in some schools for that action.

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